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Liverpool Crest Jelly Mould

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This Liverpool FC Jelly Vision jelly moulds/mold can be the best Liverpool present any Liverpool FC supporter could wish for! Jelly Vision know that our LFC crest can not be bought anywhere in the world (only at Jelly Vision) so impress your mates with top of the table jelly Ahh jelly, one of those desserts that brings back memories of pretty party dresses, raucous game-playing and too many E-numbers. But all that seems to be a thing of the past, musical bumps and sleeping lions have been replaced with paint-balling and various extreme sports, while kids would no longer be seen dressed as their favourite cartoon character. One thing, however, that has remained the same, a staple piece in the complicated jigsaw that is your child's celebrations, the participation of jelly! Its wobbly tendencies were always a conundrum with kids the world over, how on earth does it keep its shape and move like that?! Not forgetting the delicious taste and partnership with that of a nice dollop of ice cream. Make your next celebration extra special when you use this personalised mould and see your loved one's name appear clearly as the main feature. Perfect not only for jelly, it is great for microwaveable cakes or other inventive kitchen recipes. Mum, you're on to a winner with this one.

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