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 For The best results when making your jelly,It is asvisable to smear a fine film of olive or vegetable oil in the inside of the mould,before pouring in the jelly. Ifthe film is fine enough,there will be no residual taste from the oil.

(effectively,wipe it on then wipe it off )

The capacity of the mould is 1 litre and to abtain the optimum consistency,it is best to make each jelly up to 400ml and not 1pint, to make it firmer

When making multi-coloured jellies each different colour should be left to cool but not fully set, before pouring on top of the previous colour. if it is too warm, it will melt and mix with thr previous colour.after each jelly is poured into the mould,return the mould to the refigerator to chill, minimum of 30 mins each time 

All the jelly flavours/colours can be made at the same time and re-melted individually

in a microwave before use, but remember to cool first. If the jelly is for a special occasion, it is advisable to experiment before making your final masterpiece.

1.  For the best results, place the jelly cubes in a microwaveable jug add 100ml of cold water and heat for approx 1 minute

2. Stir until completely dissolved and then make uo to 400ml with COLD water ice cubes can be added to cool quicker

3. Pour into mould and set in refrigerate.

4. To make a white jelly, use leaf gelatine add a little water to melt once cooled add milk