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Princess Jelly Mould

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There once was a princess who found a ring in the garden of her father's palace. The ring gave the princess 5 stunning powers. The first was the ability to sleep effortlessly. The second was the ability to make fire without a flint. The third was the ability to make rain pour without a cloud in the sky. The forth gave her the ability to grow any crop she set her mind to. Lastly the fith power was the most special of all. It was the ability to sing like an enchanted siren. She enjoyed this power the most because she could make any price fall in love with her just by the sound of her voice. Then one day the princess saw a witch cast a spell over all the kingdom. The spell had five effects on everyone accept the princess. The five powers that the princess had now were only to her use because the witch took away sleep, fire, rain, crops and song from everybody in the kingdom. The princess started to cry for the harmless people.. Then suddenly she had an idea. She ran out to her balcony and faced the way of were there kingdom was and started to sing. she sang all night and day for several months. Her father and mother tried to stop her but her feet would budge. The princess sang about evil and good and sleep and rain and fire and growth and lastly song. She sang mostly about song. After a year of her song, something happened. The princess slowly disinigrated into the wind. At the same moment the kingdom went back to its original state of peace and song. The princess was never seen again. Though she was heard. Every year the good people of her kingdom held a celebration for her. When they held the celebration the heard a faint whisper of a voice so soft and light that it was as if it were only the wind

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