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The Jelly Doodz

Everyone in Jellyvision was waiting to see the start of the Great Jellyvision Air Race, a race for all aeroplanes big and small, fast and slow, from Jellyvision Airport to Strawberry City on the other side of the mountains. Bernie had been Counting down the number of sleeps he had to have for weeks! At last the Great Day had arrived. Bernie could see Heidi the Helicopter, Sally the Water Bomber, Jenny the Jumbo, Prissy the Prop Plane, Jeremy the Jump Jet, Sammy the Seaplane, Horatio the Hot Air Balloon, Stanley the Stunt Plane, Toby the Tri Plane and his other Aeroplane friends all ready for take off. Bernie knew that his friends would all be trying to win the race. Bernie simply loved to fly and today he had extra jelly in his fuel tanks to help him fly faster. Bernie could see the Air Traffic Controller in his Control Tower waving off each of the planes. There goes Carrie the Cargo Plane closely followed by Cindy the Cessna. The crowd cheered as all the Aeroplanes took to the sky. Jenny the Jumbo was already high above, while lower down, Stanley the Stunt Plane was doing loop the loops, and trailing coloured smoke from his wing tips. “How pretty”, thought Bernie, as he started up his engine to be ready for take off Suddenly there was a crackling sound on Bertie’s radio. He thought it might have been Robbie the Rocket heading to the moon, but it wasn't Robbie! “Spooky to Bernie. Come in please!” It was Spooky the Spy Plane. “What’s wrong?” asked Bernie. “Bernie, I need your help! Sammy the Seaplane is running out of fuel, and he has nowhere to land!” “He has to land on water, and there’s been a bad drought in Orange County. You have to help him Sammy the Seaplane was now really low on fuel. Chloe the Concorde and Professor von Clueless in his Whacky-Widget-Gadget-Midget-Machine Coached Sammy on emergency landing techniques so that when he landed on The new lake he wouldn’t make a big splash, or instantly become a submarine! Bertie knew that the lake was too small and difficult for Sammy to land on, but he had a plan. He would dive into the lake and turn it into the biggest, most wibbly, wobbly, yummy jelly he could make. That way Sammy was sure to Make a soft landing Sammy the Seaplane slowed right down until he almost stalled, and then flew In a wide circle slowly dropping height as he did so. Sammy then straightened his wings, and came in low over the little lake. There ahead was Beautiful wibbly, wobbly, orange jelly. Sammy then landed in the softest, Smoothest jelly flop ever, right in the middle of the jelly lake. What a beautiful landing” sighed Bernie, looking up to see all his friends Circling above nodding their approval and shouting “Hooray for Bernie!” Bernie Didn’t know they had all been watching from high above. “Hey you guys, let’s Go! We’ve got a race to finish”, and with that all the aeroplanes flew off in the Direction of Strawberry City along with Bernie. What could Bernie do? He was right in the middle of the race, but he had no Choice! He couldn't let his friend down, so he did a double twist barrel roll and Zoomed lower to see where Sammy was flying. There was Sammy. He was Flying ever so slowly trying to conserve fuel, but where could he land? Bertie Could see that even the little lake was dry, so he had to act fast. He radioed ahead for Wally the Water Bomber. Maybe he could help. “Wally can you help me? I need lots of water. I need to fill the little lake”, said Bertie. “Sure thing, Bertie. I like nothing better than dropping big wet buckets of water and I’ve got lots and lots of beautiful, fresh cool water”. Bertie then radioed Sammy to tell him the plan. It wouldn’t be easy, but he had to try “It’s up to you Wally. Good Luck”, cried Bertie. Wally gathered all his water tanks together, and swooping down as low as he could he dropped his biggest, wettest bucket of water right on target. “Jumping Jellyfish. You’ve done it”. Bertie was now full of praise for his friend, because he knew how hard it was to hit the target first go.

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